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Monday, November 7, 2011

Wreath Making With Amy at Sweet Annie Design

Pomegranate Wreath
I am so fortunate to have wonderfully creative friends. The friend that I am talking about today is my buddy Amy, owner and creator of  Sweet Annie Design. She is a mother of four, five if you count her pooch. She is a Tri Athlete, Spin teacher, Nutritionist and all- time- hands- down- talented floral designer and Wreath Maker. When Amy suggested that we have a wreath making party, I jumped at the idea and started collecting plants and herbs for the wonderful occasion.Amy collects flowers and plants and herbs all year round. She makes the class so much fun with cranking the tunes and supplying delicious sandwiches. I'll do almost anything if there is food being offered- but Amy didn't have to bribe me with food because A.) I love spending time with her and B.) She is such a generous and patient teacher- you really have to be with the likes of me, she gets just as excited as I do or more about what we create and C.) I get to bring home a beautiful wreath and enjoy it until we make wreaths for Christmas- hint hint Amy!!

Indian Corn Wreath

This is the wreath that I made with Chinese Lanterns, Hydrangea, Sweet Annie, Bittersweet and a gorgeous wreath base.

Beautiful studio, so inviting!

So many gorgeous flowers and plants hanging dry. Dry upside down!


Hydrangea, Roses, White Birch Bark

This is what I started with.

Beautiful, summer design.

All Hydrangea Wreath.

Wonderful friend and teacher.

What is the name of the silver plant that Mary Lou collected from my garden every year?

The ideas of what to do with this wreath is limitless.

Looking to see what else my wreath needs.

I love it!

Hydrangea and Straw wreaths.

Amy's beautiful design.
Teal Hydrangea, Bittersweet, Sweet Annie, Pod Nigella.

Amy's wreath! Amy sent this photo to me with her finished product! Wonderful, it looks like a French kitchen, the colors are very autumnal!
Pomegranate and Indian Corn wreaths are from the Country Living Book. This post has been linked up with these fabulous blogs!
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Medifast Coupons said...

Look gorgeous. I have a wreath I made probably over ten years ago and I still hang it, one of my favorites, maybe because I made it. How lucky you are to have such a talented friend.

Moore or Less Cooking said...

Hi Medifast Coupons,

I bet your wreath is beautiful. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend! Thank you so much! Great to see you!


Sweet Annie Amy said...

I unfortunately can't see the last photo!

Sweet Annie Amy said...

Hey Lynnette,
I had so much fun pouring out the creative juices with you this weekend. Thanks so much for writing such thoughtful & kind things about me, my studio and "budding" business. You are such a wonderful friend & I love you. Yes, the wreath making party/fundraiser is a coming! Start collecting your goods and thanks for spreading the word. xoxoxoxo~ A